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◄ Challenge #5: Tessellated Jungle ►

◄ What's the challenge? ►

    • #pixel-artists is proud to present an exquisite corpse-style collaboration, hosted by tzigla , with the simple theme of "jungle". You can find the board here

◄ How tzigla works ►

    •Certain tiles, marked with a +, can be reserved. These "root" tiles are the starting points of the collab (You will see that one has already been completed. Reservations last 48 hours, so be sure to have enough time to complete your tile! After a root tile has been completed, the 4 tiles bordering it become avaliable too, etc.

    •Tiles are hidden until everthing has been completed, except for 10px of context from which you try to guess your neighbour's subject matter and carry it on. Remember that this is meant to be a collaboration; not 36 self-contained images.

    •To log in to tzigla, all you need is a facebook, google or twitter account (or just an email address if you wish to make a disposable facebook or twitter account) tzigla doesn't keep any account details, for more information see

    •The first step is to download the template, you will see the 10px of your neighbour's context. This is to help you to continue their tile. (Note that for the three root tiles, you will just have blank colour, as you don't have neighbours yet).

    •We all loooove cross-promotion, so feel free to edit your tzigla profile info to link back to your dA or site. Make sure to spread the word about tzigla if you like what they do too, they're completely not for profit and have big hopes for internet artistic collaborations.

    •To make things even more convenient, tzigla has a built-in pixel editor, with all the trimmings of the pixelart trade (undo, floodfill, colour picker, dither modes)

◄ Rules ►

    • Any entry submitted must be something you made specifically for this challenge. That means, anything you made before the challenge is not accepted.

    • You must be a member of the group.

    • Only ONE entry per person.
    • Submit your entry in the "Challenges" folder of our gallery ONLY ONCE THE ENTIRE COLLAB HAS BEEN COMPLETED. We'd really like the image to be a surprise until the end (:

    • Everything must be 100% made by you. Edits or recolouring of existing sprites are not allowed.

    • Remember, no toolshading.

    • Image-specific rules:

        ♦ Allowed file formats: .PNG

        ♦ Image Size Limit (in pixels): Exactly 100x100 px (the template will be 120x120 though)

        ♦ Color Limit: up to 32. You may use only the colours from this palette: The colour ramps should help you if you're a bit stuck (:

        ♦ Animations are not allowed.

        • And last but not least... Have fun!

◄ Note ►

    •If your tile isn't accepted, this is most likely because your colours aren't correct (Either saving has altered them slightly or you have an extra skeaky one or two in there).

◄ Deadline ►:Tile reservations will be removed after the 48 hours are up. This is to ensure that the collab keeps growing smoothly. 100 square pixels isn't a lot to complete anyway (;
The challenge itself will close once all tiles have been completed, but if there is a large amount of interest the collab's edges can be extended.

◄ Judging ►: The group's staff will decide the winners once the board has been completed. Stay tuned for more details at that time.
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Joza-sama Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2011  Student Digital Artist
how i join?
PixellerJeremy Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
1) Go to [link]
2) Login with a facebook, twitter or gmail account (click an icon at the top right)
3) Look at the available tiles (marked with a +) and reserve one you like
4) "Download" your tile template, and pixel something jungle-themed with the set palette
5) Upload your creation :D

@all: Don't be afraid to join, everyone in this group is welcome (:
Z3LO Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm exicted for the outcome already :la: as much as I want to join, I dont think I have the time
metalik-fairy Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2011
PixellerJeremy Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's a collab host basically. Pixel->Upload->yay
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Submitted on
February 25, 2011